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What is an Internet eXchange (IX)?

An Internet eXchange is a place where Internet Service Providers (ISP) connect and exchange traffic. For example if a customer from ISP A wants to visit a homepage located on a server on the network managed by ISP B, the traffic will typically flow from ISP A to the IX and further on to the server on ISP Bs network.

An IX can be considered as a piece of "Neutral network" inter-connecting ISPs.

The Euro-IX has accepted the industry definition of an IXP as:

-       A physical network infrastructure operated by a single entity with the purpose to facilitate the exchange of Internet traffic between Autonomous Systems. The number of ASs connected should at least be three and there must be a clear and open policy for others to join.

What is the topology of the KOSIX?
At present, KOSIX has four configured switches, one router and a network monitoring/management server located at University of Prishtina (FIEK) connected with dark fiber


Who can connect to KOSIX?
Any ISP having an Autonomous System (AS) number. In Europe this is handled by RIPE. You can read more about AS numbers on

What do I get when I connect my network to the KOSIX?
You get a port on the KOSIX-switch, and an IP-Address on the neutral network. This will enable you to establish peerings with the other members on KOSIX.

You do *not* get general access to the Internet by connecting to the KOSIX.

What is Peering?
Peering is the term used for exchanging traffic on KOSIX. Peering is a bilateral agreement between two ISPs. There is no rule that you have to peer with all other ISPs on the KOSIX. It is up to the individual ISP who they want to peer with.

What is a private peering?
Private peering is the term used for connections between two ISP's going directly from one ISP to the other ISP. That is not passing the KOSIX switch in this case.

What is Transit?
Transit is the term used for the part of your traffic that is being transported by others to destinations outside their network. International traffic is an example of transit traffic.

Can I get Transit via the KOSIX?
No! It is not allowed to get transit traffic via the KOSIX switch. The KOSIX switch is only to be used for peering traffic. Transit traffic providing by an ISP present at the KOSIX is to be exchanged on a private peering (that is a cable directly connected from your router/network to the ISP provding transit).

What is needed to join?

First of all you need an AS number. Then you must fill out a "connection agreement" which is the contract between you and TRA as the managing body of the KOSIX.

What happens if the power fails at the KOSIX, or the switch fails?
Should the power fail at the KOSIX or the main KOSIX switch fail, the peering between the providers will of course disappear. Since no operator is allowed to have transit traffic (which could be international traffic) flowing on the KOSIX switch, then all national traffic would automatic be re-routed on each providers international link in case of a failure. Some providers may also have other national peering in Kosovo, and the traffic could then flow that way. When the KOSIX returns to normal operation, traffic would again automatically be routed via the KOSIX.

Will the Internet in Kosovo stop in case of a failure on KOSIX?
NO! As explained above there will perhaps be a short interrupt while traffic is being automatic re-routed to other links. Also traffic may be slower than usual, if it is being routed via international links instead of via national links.

How is power protected at the KOSIX?
The KOSIX has a full no-break power system with battery backup for about 24 hours and a diesel generator to supply the entire server room with power in the case of failures in the power grid.

There are three different power sources to use in the KOSIX. One is protected with batteries and diesel generator, another without the battery but only with the generator, and the last is an unprotected supply from a different high voltage transformer.

Is it possible to rent space from the KOSIX to locate other than networking equipment
NO! It is possible to rent server space in the same building, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the KOSIX!


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